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Matching system 

Accurate matching to find the right influencer

Once you have set up your account, your artificial intelligence automatically proposes the profiles of creators that correspond to your brand, product and service. Be sure to find the right influencers for you.

Several matching steps

The Hivency platform combines defined parameters with automatic learning to offer the best profile match. Save time and receive pre-filtered lists that match your brand.

Approval Management

You can approve in real time the application of the creators. So, after matching, choose which influencers will be most consistent with your brand.

Dynamic Search


Find your influencers

The Hivency platform incorporates a variety of features that enable brands to precisely segment creatives. Looking for a specific set of keywords or traits? Use our dynamic search to find your ideal profiles, or keep track of your competitor activity.

Use a variety of filters to analyze profiles

Filter by social network, age and other demographic data. Brands may create or import lists, and use filters to obtain deep analytics on profiles.

Browse by #hashtag

Use the hashtag search bar to enter any number of terms. Our platform scans profiles and displays them according to relevance. Has a specific creative already worked with a competitor brand? Use hashtag search to identify and track competitor activity.

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