The Hivency Platform

From our smart matching system, to logistics management and post tracking, the Hivency platform manages the full lifecycle of your micro influencer marketing and customer advocacy programs.


An integrated system with our technology at its core


Find Influencers

With our smart matching system and keyword search, identify the profiles that correspond to your brand, identify niche audiences, or even track competitor collaborations.

Visual Marketplace

Creative collaborations result in high quality content that may be reused on other marketing channels. Our solution enables brands to purchase image rights directly on the platform.

Customer Reviews

Promoting a product, event or service? Engage influencer and customer advocates to submit reviews on Hivency and on third party sites, such as Google shopping and much more.


Fame Check

Hivency’s Fame Check feature helps brands avoid the pitfalls of collaborating with influencers who have purchased fake accounts. It also provides demographic information such as age and location.


Smart Briefs

Easily create your campaign brief with template presets. The platform optimizes the brief creation process to help you quickly structure your campaign.

Multiphase Smart Matching

The Hivency platform combines declarative parameters with machine learning to propose the best influencers and advocates with whom to collaborate.

Campaign Management

Exchange with your creatives and track real-time performance of your campaigns. See who’s published a post, generated engagement, and obtain detailed information on each of your collaborations.

Global Dashboard

Access a global view of your campaigns and performance over time.  Is your strategy evolving? Access benchmark dashboards to compare your brand’s performance with other brands in the same sector.

How does it work?

Setup a Campaign

Easily setup a campaign with a short description of the product or service to be promoted.  Provide additional criteria to describe your ideal creative profile type to feed our matching algorithm.


Browse & Approve Matches

Once campaign parameters are defined, our platform will automatically propose creative profiles that correspond to your brand. Custom search filters and deep profile analytics are available to deep dive into candidate profiles.


Build Relationships

After approving your selection of creatives, messaging can be activated. Use pre-configured templates, or customize messages. Exchange on the important topics and keep your communications centralized on the platform. We also manage product delivery to your collaboraters so that you don’t have to. 

Track Collaborations

Follow the evolution of your collaborations with influencers and customer advocates. Track likes, comments, clicks, earned media value, as well as customer reviews generated by each of your collaborations. Grade collaborations according to performance.

Global Performance

With our centralized data dashboards, analyze over all performance across all campaigns. Evaluate campaign performance over time and compare your brand’s performance with industry benchmark data.

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