Nano Influencer Marketing

 Collaborate with nano influencers to generate product recommendations, convey trust, generate UGC and boost visibility on social networks. Build consumer communities and ambassador programs that bring your product and brand closer to every day consumers. 


Who are nano influencers?

Nano Influencers are super consumers. They boast high engagement rates, are considered trustworthy, and are highly relied upon for their product recommendations. They are ready to test products and share their experiences.


What is nano influencer marketing?

In nano influencer marketing, nano influencers (less than 1000 followers, +7% engagement rates), collaborate with brands, to test products, write reviews, produce UGC content and post on social media. 


Why use the Hivency Platform?

Managing large numbers of collaborations at a time is a time-consuming task. Hivency’s algorithm enables brands to vet and approve thousands of profiles at a time, manage campaigns, and track performance results all on one tool. 

Generate Social Media Posts

Generate Product Recommendations

Generate UGC

Generate Share of Voice

Increase Notoriety

Drive Purchases

Increase Positive Sentiment

Increase WOM

Collaborate with engaged consumers that are ready to talk about your brand


of consumers are “highly likely” to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer or nano-influencer (Expert City)


is the average engagement rate for nano-influencers (Influencer Marketing Hub)


of consumers consult a consumer opinion after seeing a product presented by an influencer (Bazaar Voice)

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