Micro Influencer Marketing

Driving brand visibility today can be a big challenge. Launching a micro influencer marketing strategy is an effective way to generate top of mind awareness among coveted target audiences. Learn how we can help you build an effective influencer marketing program.

The Leader in Micro Influencer Marketing

Hivency is present in more than 137 countries, boasts a community of 80k influencers and manages influencer marketing campaigns for brands across the globe. The platform and service focuses on the two largest segments of the influencer pyramid: micro influencers and nano influencers.

Who are micro influencers?

Micro influencers are social media content creatives with anywhere between 5k to 100k followers.They typically generate loyal followings around specific topics of interest.

Their motivation to produce brand content is driven by a desire to entertain and inform their follower audiences as well as generate value from the brand relationship.

Invested in their communities

Because micro influencers are highly invested in their communities, they drive higher engagement rates (50% – 60% higher) than those of macro and celebrity influencers (profiles that have more than 100k followers on any social network).

Highly trusted

Micro influencers are also highly authentic, with more than 80% of their followers trusting their recommendations. This makes brand collaborations with micro influencers a very powerful tactic for brand activation.

What is micro influencer marketing?

Micro influencer marketing is the engagent of content creatives (micro influencers) to post content on social networks for their followers to view, in exchange for free product offers and/or services.

Driven by affinity & brand perks

Product or service collaborations with brands are generally driven by mutual interest, affinity for the brand, and/or the potential collaboration perks available (exclusive access events, proximity to the brand, membership to an ambassador program, among others).

Brand & influencer must match

For a collaboration with a micro influencer to make sense for a brand, the brand or product positioning must fit with the image of the creative and with that of his or her followers.

Collaborations with micro influencers therefore require a best fit between brand and creative.

Who are nano influencers?

Nano Influencers are super consumers. They boast high engagement rates, are considered trustworthy, and are highly relied upon for their product recommendations. They are ready to test products and share their experiences.

What is nano influencer marketing?

In nano influencer marketing, nano influencers (less than 1000 followers, +7% engagement rates), collaborate with brands, to test products, write reviews, produce UGC content and post on social media. 

Why use the Hivency platform?

Manually scanning social networks for the influencers that correspond to your brand can take days to weeks. Obtaining the necessary data to analyze their profiles (follower audience data, quality score) requires dedicated technology.

Matching influencer to brand

If sourcing and analyzing influencer profiles is time intensive, so is deciding whether they are compatible with your brand. The Hivency platform employs machine learning and artificial intelligence to scan and propose the candidates that match in 10 times less the time.

Volume required

Because micro influencers have important yet relatively small communities (5k to 100k), it’s important to scale the volume of collaborations to obtain maximum reach. Organizing 10’s to 100’s of collaborations at a time requires a platform that can automise the process. 

Tracking for ROI

All marketers care about ROI. In order to concretely track the impact of your micro influencer marketing investments, it’s important to aggregate and track results through a platform.

Micro influencer stats


Of followers trust their recommendations


Higher engagement rates than macro influencers

6,7 x

Less costly to work with than macro influencers

Create Quality Content

Generate Product Recommendations

Generate UGC

Generate Share of Voice

Increase Notoriety

Drive Purchases

Increase Positive Sentiment

Increase WOM

Use Cases
Products, Services, & Launches

Engage micro influencers to participate in the communications strategy of a new product or service launch, or simply engage them to drive visibility for an existing brand, product or service. 

Events & Sponsorships

Coordinate micro influencer campaigns around attendance to a specific event or event sponsorship to boost visibility.

E-commerce & Conversion

Drive traffic to your site or  audiences to your brick and mortar store. Mico influencer campaigns impact consumer decision-making, boosting conversion.

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