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Launch official brand collaborations on your social media account. Build relationships with your favorite brands. Post creative content  in exchange for free products and services. Download the app today.

Showcase your creativity & authenticity

Work with some of the world’s leading brands across sectors and social networks.  Animate your follower community, showcase your creativity, earn free products and services, and maybe even become a brand ambassador.

Your perspective & recommendations

With Hivency, build relationships with your favorite brands, get free products and services, and share your influence.  Drive value to your followers and your partner brands with the content you create.

How does it work?

Sign-up, download the app & connect your social networks 

If you have a minimum of 5k followers on your social networks (1k on Youtube), you’re eligible. If you have a blog, you’re also eligible! Download the app, create your account, and link your social networks!

Browse all our free products offered by your favorite brands

Once you confirm your account, you are ready to browse all the brands and products available to you in your free store. See something you like? Approve it as a collaboration and receive the product free and delivered to you.

Receive free products and posts on your social networks

Once you receive the brand product offer, you are ready to make your social media or blog post.  Win points in exchange for more collaborations. The more you collaborate, the more free products you will receive!

Hivency Ambassador Program

At Hivency, we are focused on helping creators develop their skills, exchange insights and earn more visibility. As a member of the Hivency ambassador program, you will have special access to brand products and events, as well as work on special projects with the Hivency Team.

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