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Influencer marketing has evolved these last few years, and even more in 2020, with the use of social media exploding.

Brands have decided to increase the number of influence campaigns to generate more sales and to develop their online visibility.

The advantage of an influencer action with content creators is that you can act quickly and efficiently to meet your diverse goals while spreading a message amongst millions of internet users.

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Sales boost

Once you have found the perfect influencers for your marketing strategy, you will reach the right audience. The one you are looking for! 

As a result, by addressing your customers, you will generate more sales. 

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A strong ROI

One to two strategic influencer marketing campaigns a month with micro-influencers will help you gain a good return on investment. If you have a ROI approach, our Customer Success Manager and Influence Campaign Manager will present you follow-up reports of your campaigns each quarter. Our influence platform also allows obtaining results from each campaign after each publication automatically.

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An impressive UGC

Thanks to your influencer marketing campaigns, you will be able to generate UGC (User Generated Content) for your brand. With the influencers' popularity, consumers are progressively turning towards the content published by these social media experts. This content reaches them more directly, as it is more authentic and close to reality. For a brand, it is crucial to reuse this type of content for its communication channels or advertising campaigns.

Launch creative and unique campaigns

Influencer marketing is a communication channel that allows you to stand out, but also to innovate and test to determine what works best.

Through micro-influencers, it's easy to survey their followers and get to know their reviews, recommendations and marketing insights. Let yourself be inspired by content creators to launch the best influence campaigns.

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Product launch

With influencer marketing and the Hivency platform, launching products has never been more efficient. With several collaborations with micro-influencers, you will be able to talk about your new products on social networks.

It is the opportunity to generate sales and to answer to all your goals quickly while reaching a maximum of consumers.


Event invitation

Dozens of communication actions are possible within an influencer marketing campaign. Inviting content creators and brand ambassadors to an event or the store will allow them to better know your brand and your products.

Through Hivency, listing several influencers to invite is simple and intuitive. All you have to do is organize it.


Ambassadors program

Establishing collaborations and launching influence campaigns each month through Hivency will further develop the connexion you have with your influencers.

You can go a step further and turn them into ambassadors of your brand. Ambassadors possess an affinity towards the brand and its products.

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Analyze your campaign in real-time while creators publish their content and look at the performance.

Then, analyze your results with your Customer Success Manager and obtain detailed information regarding your campaign's performance.

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External Search

We know that the research of good profiles can often be the most arduous task.

You can look for influencers amongst all the profiles present on our platform and on different social media (Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Blog...). Filter them according to your needs.

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Image Bank

Reuse the most attractive images produced for your campaigns in all the digital marketing channels. Buy and promote your content.

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Do you have a question? We might have the answer.

How to calculate ROI?

In influencer marketing, a KPI (Key Performance Indicator) is an indicator that allows to measure the progress of your influencer campaigns.

Nowadays there are dozens of indicators to analyze efficiently the success of a campaign, such as the EMV, the engagement rate, the share of voice etc.

Many brands establish the brief of their influencer marketing campaign strategy without choosing the KPIs. However, it is crucial to identify them at the same time as the objectives, or there will be no coherence between them.

What is the engagement rate?

The engagement rate is used to measure the engagement of consumeres with a brand on social networks, blogs and videos.

To calculate it, this is the formula used in our influence platform: (Total number of likes + comments) / number of followers (you have to calculate an average of several publications)

Which is the difference between UGC and CGC?

CGC (Consumer Generated Content) is digital content created by a brand's customers. Regarding UGC, it refers to content that directly comes from influencers in an influencer marketing campaign.

If a brand wishes to optimize its influence stratey, she can reuse the content generated by its clients or influencers.

Why trust Hivency to launch my influence campaigns?

Our main goal is to offer you a personalized experience to ensure the success of all your influencer marketing campaigns.

Each brand that trusts us is supported by an Influence Campaign Manager and a Customer Success Manager. These jobs do not sound familiar? The Customer Success Manager in Hivency is your referent, he/she will support you throughout the setup of your strategy according to your challenges and goals.

The Influence Campaign Manager will guide you through the operational aspects, from the creation of the influencer marketing campaigns to the selection of influencers all the way to the final report.

Let's get started.

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