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Influencer marketing is a communication lever that keeps gaining momentum. Whatever the industry or market, communicating through ambassadors, i.e. influencers on social networks, is a strategy that pays off.

There are four types of influencers: All stars (celebrities with millions of followers), macro influencers (more than 100K followers), micro influencers (between 5K and 100K followers) and nano influencers (less than 5K followers).

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Influencers that match your consumers

There's a wide variety of profiles in terms of age, socio-professional categories, origins, opinions, and interests on social networks... Consequently, your audience is also present on those networks and you'll be able to reach them. With influencers, you can direct powerful messages to your target audience and directly improve your image towards consumers. 

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Increased Brand Engagement

Connecting with your community through influencers' publications creates engagement. By launching several influencer marketing campaigns throughout the year, you will keep  your consumers and your influencers' communities engaged.

All content, interactions, likes, dislikes and comments will maximize your engagement on social networks.

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Creation of UGC (User Generated Content)

Brands use influencer marketing to generate content and increase their visibility.

Generating qualitative publications is not systematic and with the help of an influencer platform such as Hivency, the quality of influencer profiles is automatically checked. Those proposed for your campaigns will perfectly match what you are looking for.

Create a powerful community around your brand

Having a brand account on social media necessarily requires involvement. With the help of influencers, you will create a powerful and authentic community around your brand.

Influencer marketing allows you to meet a variety of objectives, whether they are sales-oriented, awareness-oriented or focused on customer loyalty.

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Optimize your Influencer Strategy

Reinvent yourself thanks to the 130,000 micro and nano influencers present on our influencer platform. Identify those who will be the showcase of your brand and develop a unique, trustworthy relationship with them.

In time, this relationship will offer various possibilities via Hivency: lists of ambassadors, organization of events, launch of contests and anything else that you are looking for.


Boost your Performance

With regular monitoring by two dedicated experts, you will increase the performance of your influencer campaigns over time.

Advice, areas for improvement, quarterly reports... Everything is organized to enable you to achieve your objectives and obtain a good return on investment.


Data-Driven Approach

Our all-in-one tool allows you to adopt a data-driven approach. All our functionalities were developed to help you meet your objectives. 

Analyze your favorite influencers and their followers and develop a close relationship through regular collaborations. You can also personalize your influencer campaigns with a data-driven markdown.

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Smart Matching

Hivency's Smart Matching function allows you to select the best influencer profiles for your brand. Receive lists with pre-filtered profiles that match your target audience without having to search for them.

Thanks to this feature, you can identify influencers who may soon become true brand ambassadors. 

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External Search

Finding relevant influencers and consumer ambassadors isn't a struggle anymore. 

Our external search tool allows you to find the profiles you need in a few minutes. Simple, easy, and directly on the platform.

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Fame Check

Fame Check was created by Hivency to verify the integrity of influencer profiles on our platform. 

You'll see if they have purchased likes. If so, won't be suggested for your campaign.

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Do you have a question? We might have the answer.

Why micro influencers rather than macro influencers?

Micro influencers can be suitable for all types of brands. What's key is to work with several of them at once. 

A micro influencer will give you less visibility than a macro influencer. What changes the game is having the ability to collaborate with dozens or even hundreds of micro influencers at the same time.

They are highly appreciated by Internet users for their sincerity and authenticity.

How to find influencers?

To find the right influencers for your brand, you need to analyse their profile as well as their community.

They need to match your audience so that you can perfectly tailor your influencer campaigns. To make this quick and easy, an influencer platform like Hivency can help you find the ones that fit your image best.

In addition, Hivency can help you optimise your influencer strategy.

Which sectors are suitable for influencer marketing campaigns?

Influencer marketing is for any type of sector and brand. The key to a successful campaign lies in the selection of content creators with the right brand-fit. 

Influencers are experts in specific niches and our favourite sectors (or those of our influencers) are : Food, Luxury, Sports, Home & Decoration, Beauty & Cosmetics, Fashion, Travel, Lifestyle, Moms & Children.

Why trust Hivency ?

We are committed to offering you personalised support to ensure the success of all your influencer marketing campaigns.

Each of our client brands is accompanied by an Influencer Campaign Manager and a Customer Success Manager.

What these titles mean: 

Your Customer Success Manager supports you in implementing your strategy according to your challenges and objectives.

The Influencer Campaign Manager's role is to accompany you on the operational side, from the creation of influencer marketing campaigns to the selection of influencers, right through to the evaluation of campaigns.

Let's get started.

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