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Generate consumer reviews

Take advantage of consumer engagement to generate visibility and get authentic recommendations.

Your brand will benefit from an affinity created by ambassadors, consumer reviews and reusable content creation (CGC: Consumer Generated Content)

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Influencers that look like your consumers

On social networks we find a wide variety of profiles in terms of age, socio-professional categories, origins, opinions and interests...
You will definitely find your audience on these media that you will be able to reach.
With the help of influencers, send a message and improve your image directly to your customers

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Increase in sales

Most of the consumers read opinions or follow influencers on social networks before buying a product. To boost sales today, a brand must therefore follow and analyze all written reviews on its label. In order to encourage purchase, brands must also learn how to create
a close relationship with their customers by rewarding the most loyal ones, so they create online reviews.

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Customer Loyalty

Building customer loyalty and providing a complete customer experience is essential for brands today. It is a major challenge. Consumers are looking for authenticity and nano-influencers, too.
A brand that wants to achieve all its objectives must move towards Customer Advocacy. This will enable her to retain its current customers, to reach out to new ones, for example, through reviews or CGC (Consumer Generated Content)

Collaborate with your consumers

Your consumers are your best brand ambassadors. Being authentic in the age of social networks is now more important for consumers.

Therefore, consumer advocacy and nano-influence are gaining ground. Before being content creators on social networks, these ambassadors are first and foremost your consumers.

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Encourage buying

A happy customer is the one that returns and recommends your brand. With constructive reviews that will be reassuring, sincere, diverse and detailed from  your consumers, you will generate more sales.


Increase positive feedback

The more you give consumers a voice, the more reviews you will get to develop yourself and improve your brand image. Whether is nano-influencers or "regular" consumers, they like to get recognition.

Consumers' constructed reviews will allow you to acquire new customers, but also to increase your notoriety.


Turn your consumers into ambassadors

By trusting them and giving them a voice, consumers will feel valued. You will gather them around your brand and your products to make them evolve into ambassadors

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Lucette by Hivency

Each consumer has an influence after purchasing. He/she can make a review via comments and/or a rating of the product, service, or event.

Lucette by Hivency allows generating multimedia product reviews (video, audio) shared by a community of beauty enthusiasts. The platform also makes it possible to generate content created by experts and to test affinity beauty products.

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External Search

We know that when it comes to an influence campaign, finding the right influencer profiles can be the most arduous task.

Our external search tool will allow you to find the most suitable nano-influencer and consumer profiles for your brand.
We answer your needs in a simple and easy way directly on the platform.

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Fame Check

Fame Check was created by Hivency to check the nano-influencer social media profiles on the platform.
The online notoriety of influencers is always checked before they are selected for your campaigns.
We will see if they bought likes. If so, they will not be proposed for your campaigns.

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You have questions? We might have the answer

Which are the benefits of consumer marketing?

By collaborating with your own consumers, you will encourage purchase, increase positive reactions and promote word-of-mouth.

How to find consumers and nano-influencers?

To find the right nano-influencers for your brand, you need to analyse them and their community. They need to look like your audience to to perfectly fit in your influence campaigns.

As for consumers, you can work with your own or have Hivency supporting you. Hivency, influencer marketing platform, helps brands find the right ambassadors to test their products and become committed web advocates.

What is CGC (Consumer Generated Content) ?

It is the digital content generated by customers as part of consumer campaigns (photos, reviews, posts, videos, etc.).
It is very interesting for a brand to reuse them for its own digital communication channels.

Which is the difference between UGC and CGC?

CGC (Consumer Generated Content) is digital content created by a brand's customers. Regarding UGC, it refers to content that directly comes from influencers in an influencer marketing campaign.

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