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Finding the best influencers for a brand is a process that can sometimes be complicated for marketers. However, it's a crucial step not to be neglected to obtain successful campaigns. If we don't collaborate with the right influencers, we risk having taken a major gamble.

The "right" influencer is not necessarily the same for every brand. Indeed, depending on your objectives, your target audience, and your needs, you can profit from collaborating with one type of influencer more than with another. The right influencer for you is the one that matches the image of your brand and that leads its followers towards values that are similar to yours.

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Development of reputation

With the right influencers, you will reach your objectives and guarantee the success of your influence campaign. You will also profit from their notoriety to increase yours on social media and generate more engagement.

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Increase in sales

Once you have found the perfect influencers for your marketing strategy, you can set up different operations such as giveaways or promotional codes.

If you have correctly compared the influencer's community to yours and your clients, you will reach the correct target audience and generate sales.

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Target a new audience

The basis of influencer marketing is to know your clients. That way you will be able to find the right influencers to convey your message.

Influencer marketing is also widely used by brands that are looking to reach a new audience or a younger audience. With adequate social media and the right influencers, success is guaranteed.

Collaborate with influencers

To find the best influencers for your brand, you first need to analyse the profile of your customers and then, the ones of the influencers you want to collaborate with.

It's better to partner with content creators who look like you, who are committed to the same causes as your brand, rather than a macro-influencer for example, who has thousands of subscribers but will give you short visibility.


The image of the influencer and the profile of its subscribers will be of prime importance. To go faster, take advantage of Hivency's intelligent marketing and dynamic research to find the influencers or ambassadors that perfectly matches your brand.

Your brand and Hivency


Increase visibility

Reinvent yourself thanks to the 130 000 micro and nano-influencers present in our influencer platform.
Identify those that will showcase your brand and develop a unique and trusting relationship with them.
In the future, this relationship will offer different possibilities via Hivency: an ambassadors list, organization of events, giveaways, etc


Excellent engagement rates

For your influencer marketing campaigns, a good selection of influencer profiles, that corresponds to your image, as well as a good relationship with them, will allow you to increase your engagement rate.

You will be able to set up powerful campaigns that are based on the interaction with your audience.


Brand ambassadors

After finding the right content creators for your brand, you can convert them into brand ambassadors. It will be a chance to innovate and set up different projects, such as an ambassadors program.

Our functionalities


Smart Matching

With Hivency's Smart Matching, select the correct profiles for your brand, your values and your engagements.

You will receive lists with pre-filtered profiles that are similar to your audience, without having to look for them yourself.



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Fame Check

Hivency has developed Fame Check to verify influencer profiles. We verify the quality of each influencer on the platform.

Those that don't have good online notoriety won't be accepted to collaborate with you. The accounts that have previously been involved in buying likes or followers neither.

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External Search

We know that when it comes to an influence campaign, finding the right influencer profiles can be the most arduous task.

Thanks to our external research functionality, you can find the profiles that answer your criteria amongst all social networks.

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Do you have a question? We might have the answer.

Can an influencer platform find influencers for my brand?

An influencer platform allows you to identify the best influencers for your influencer marketing campaigns, but also to manage and optimise your collaborations from strategy implementation, briefing to logistics and KPI analysis.

Why trust Hivency to find influencers?

Our main goal is to offer you a personalised experience to guarantee the success of all of your influencer marketing campaigns.

Finding the best influencers for you is our calling. Furthermore, every brand that trusts us is supported by an Influence Campaign Manager and a Customer Success Manager.

You do not know what these jobs consist of? The Customer Success Manager at Hivency is your point of reference who will help you implement your strategy according to your challenges and objectives.

As for the Influence Campaign Manager, his role is to support you on the operational side, from the creation of influencer marketing campaigns to the selection of influencers, right through to the assessment of the results.


In which sectors do we find influencers?

Absolutely all sectors of activity and all kinds of companies benefit from influencer marketing. We are convinced of it!

Each influencer is specialized in a niche sector, and the key to a successfull campaign lies in selecting the content creators that align with your sector and brand image.

Which are the benefits of microinfluence?

Micro-influencers have audiences with between 5k and 100k followers. They're appreciated on social media because of their authenticity and transparency.

Collaborating with micro-influencers allows a brand to benefit from a large audience, identical to its consumers, but also benefit from UGC (User Generated Content) that can be reused while testing out products at the smallest cost.

Furthermore, according to a study carried out by Hivency, micro-influencers prefer collaborating with brands that they love: 23% of influencers that have more than 100 000 followers work with brands that they don't love, while only 7% of influencers with less than 100 000 followers do so.

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