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To join us is to take part in an exciting adventure, which is constantly evolving and, as a bonus, with great colleagues 😇
So, yes, we can't guarantee that everything will always be pink, nor that we won't change our mind at the last minute or that you'll never have an emergency, but one thing is certain: you'll come to work with a smile on your face.

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Our Values

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Happy client, happy Hivency

Our priority is customer satisfaction. All of our employees are driven by the desire to help brands optimize their influencer marketing strategy. We are constantly listening to them and attentive to their needs in order to offer an ever more effective solution.

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At Hivency, benevolence is the watchword. Favoring the comfort of our teams, we are committed to allow each person to give the best of themselves while evolving in a fulfilling work environment. Each newcomer is an indispensable member of Hivency's success, and we want his or her onboarding to be as pleasant as possible.

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Together is better

We give a lot of importance to meet regularly so that there is an ideal team cohesion. In order to strengthen the bonds, even when working on remote, we organize worldwide meetings, e-courses, e-breaks, e-wolf and other activities at the request of our collaborators.

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Learn harder grow faster

We are committed to train our employees, either through our training plan or in-house. We also have books at our employees' disposal in our offices, and we offer every employee free access to the Babbel app to improve their language skills.

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To infinity and beyond

Driven to go further to improve our solution, our performance, but also our daily life, our employees are determined to question themselves regularly.

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Hivency is certified HappyIndex®AtWork 2021

Since the beginning, we have always put our bees at the center of our strategy so that they can grow to their full potential. Our work is now rewarded.

Thank you to the whole team for contributing to this success, it motivates us to always do more for each of you!

So, are you tempted?

The hive, our hive, is more than a team of colleagues: they unique and close-knit personalities with rich backgrounds, some of them unusual.

We regularly organize activities (BBQ, meet-up, etc.), but also digital events (e-werewolf for example 🐺) for those who are working on remote full time.

Joining Hivency also means being able to organize your work to structure your daily life. 


Work with us
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