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Influencer Marketing Academy: content of the online training


Discover the basics of influencer marketing.

Part 1: understanding influencer marketing

1.1 Start on social media

1.2 Collaborate with micro-influencers

1.3 Take advantage of micro-influence

9 videos: 14 minutes

3 quizzes


Learn how to associate influencer marketing with your 360 marketing strategy

Part 2 : define a strategy

2.1 Set objectives

2.2 Choose the right social network

2.3 Establish your strategy

9 videos : 19 minutes

3 quizzes


Create a unique relationship with micro-influencers.

Part 3 : create succesfull partnerships

3.1 Stand out from competitors

3.2 Create a relationship

3.3 Gain the micro-influencers loyalty

3.4 Repeat and optimize

9 videos : 14 minutes

4 quizzes


Learn how to evaluate your influence campaigns

Part 4 : analyse your performance

4.1 Mesure the results of a campaign

4.2 Maximize your chances of success

4.3 Case studies

10 videos : 15 minutes

1 quizz

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