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Data Privacy Policy

Last modification on July 5, 2016


The following rules on the data privacy policy of HIVENCY aim to inform the user of the website about the processing of their personal data and their rights towards the HIVENCY company. They aim to inform the users on the collection of data processed by the HIVENCY company and on the procedure to control the said data processing. It specifies the type of data processed by the HIVENCY company; the ways that data are used and protected, as well as ways to access and to update data of the users.

When the data privacy policy (hereinafter designed as "Data Privacy Policy") is modified, the former version is archived and it remains accessible to the users. The relevant new version is directly accessible online.

In the provisions of this Data Privacy Policy, the following terms are defined as follows :

  • Cookies: all information mentioned in a file and allowing storing and analyzing the navigation data. They are inserted during the navigation on a website on the user's hard drive via the server of the website, then re-used for subsequent connections. Cookies allow then the website to analyze the navigation habits of the user in order to improve the navigation ;
  • Personal data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable individual. An identifiable person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or by the gathering of several information inherent in its physical, physiological, economic, cultural or social identity.

Article 1. Field of application

The present Data Privacy Policy precise the rules to which the HIVENCY company complies with regarding with the collection of personal data, especially regarding the protection and the security of these data. It is subject to recurring updates in order to meet the requirements in this area. It is willing to apply to services offered by the HIVENCY company through its website It does not cover the practices on individual data of third companies in relation with advertising for the HIVENCY company or in relation with it.

The Data Privacy Policy is biding as long as thedata are processed, whether it is made directly or indirectly, online or offline. The processing of the data communicated by the users through the website are subject to a report to the French Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale de l'Informatique et des Libertés – CNIL).

Article 2. Collected data

The HIVENCY company collects data which are directly communicated by users or collects data under its own power.

The data collected by the user are :

  • The identity related data (surname, name, address, telephone number, gender, age…) ;
  • The data useful to the Customer loyalty (favorite brands, hobbies, job, products that the user wishes to receive, other supports of online communication used, sponsoring) ;
  • The data used for the management of the trade relation (sending of newsletters) ;

The data collected by the HIVENCY company through the social networks :

  • Identification data (biography of the social network account, inspiration of the account) ;
  • Data on personal life (number of subscribers, amount of likes for the publications, average amount of comments).

All collected data are the one that are strictly necessary for the purposes specified in Article 3 of the Data Privacy Policy. The communication of data is intentional. However, the user's refusal to communicate its data may involve a low quality browsing and exchange experience with the HIVENCY company.

The HIVENCY company also process cookies on its website that might be stored on the user's device (cf. the Cookies Management Policy).

Article 3. Methods and purposes of the personal data collection

When the data collection is managed online, the Data Privacy Policy is displayed on the website. When data collection is processed via the communication with the user, the HIVENCY company expressly inform the user of the Data Privacy Policy.

The collection of the user's data by the HIVENCY company has prior purpose to improve the customer service, the marketing, the advertisement and the adaptation of the offer to the customer's needs.

The collected data enables then the HIVENCY company to :

  • Create a customer account for anyone wishing it ;
  • Define the interests and needs of the users in order to provide suitable products ;
  • Provide a personalized and interactive use of the website ;
  • Offer an effective online sale service ;
  • Allow the access to all functionalities of the website.

If the user communicates with the HIVENCY company its e-mail address, the said company is entitle to use it for administrative or information purposes (example: sending of the newsletter).

Article 4. Conditions of processing and storage of personal data

Where the HIVENCY company collects data, they may be subject to a process, naming it may be used, conserved, adapted, analyzed, and destroyed by the HIVENCY company. The information is hold during the time required to fulfill the aim of the processing.

Data are collected via a secure connection to Application performing interfaces (Interfaces de programmation applicatives, or API) as Google, Twitter or Instagram.

Data is then hosted on a secure server of the AMAZON WEB SERVICES company.

Article 5. Transfer of personal data

The data collected by the HIVENCY company are not subject to any transfer to other companies than the HIVENCY company and approved brands. The user approves a brand when he apply for a partnership with it. Data is exclusively collected for the activity of the HIVENCY company on its website.

Article 6. Right to access and rectify data

As mentioned above, the users of the website have the possibility to consult the Data Privacy Policy.

They may request to update their data in order to ensure their accuracy at any time. In accordance with the law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 on computing, files and freedoms, the users has a right to access, modify, rectify and suppress all information about them at any time. The customer may exercise this right by proving one's identity and by writing to HIVENCY, 2 Bis Rue Dupont de l'Eure, 75020, PARIS.

Otherwise, the users can set the use of cookies in accordance with the explanations of the article 4 of the present Data Privacy Policy.

Article 7. Security and data recipients

The HIVENCY company makes every effort to ensure the protection and the security of customer and users of the website data. To this end, the HIVENCY company conducts legal audits regularly. A secure connection manage the online data collection.

Once they are collected, data are hold on a server of the AMAZON WEB SERVICES company. The unique recipient of data is the HIVENCY company and its employees who are expressly entitled to have access to it by a secure identification method.

Article 8. Privacy Policy with respect to the YouTube API

Hivency uses YouTube's API services. The privacy policy for these services can be found at the following link:

When data will be collected by Hivency via the Youtube API, it will concern: the link of the public videos, the number of comments and views, as well as data related to the YouTube accounts: the number of videos and the number of subscribers.

This data is only available to authorized members of Hivency, to users who have an authorized access and to companies with which users agreed to collaborate.

In addition to the usual Hivency account removal procedure, users can visit the following link: to revoke access to their permission.

Article 9. Conflict resolution

The HIVENCY company implemented the necessary systems to manage the written user's claims in relation with their own data.

If there were a dispute relating to the collection of personal data unsolved amicably between a user and the HIVENCY company, it will cooperate with the competent authority for a satisfactory solution for the parties.

Article 10. Contact

For any questions or requests regarding the present Data Privacy Policy, users are able to send to the HIVENCY company :

  • An e-mail to the following address :;
  • A written letter to the following address : HIVENCY, 2 Bis Rue Dupont de l'Eure, 75020 Paris