You do not know where to start gathering information when analyzing your campaigns?


The analysis phase of an influencer campaign can sometimes be tricky. Finding the statistics of every publication made by content creators can be difficult when you work with thousands of them each month. With our general reporting tool, gather all the information together and analyze the results of your campaigns.

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Which are the benefits of this feature?


Save Time

Forget about calculations anc access an automated report.


Get real-time results

Analyze your campaign in real-time as long as the creators publish their content.


Centralize all your analysis

Get all the reports you need to measure your performance within the same place.



Campaign Analysis

Forget about calculations, don’t spend time getting to know the results, just have a look at them, and quickly analyze your performance to optimize your strategy. Analyze the campaigns separately or according to a date range. Get to know the number of likes and comments obtained, the number of followers reached as well as the engagement rate and Earned Media Value generated.

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Influencers' performance

Track the performance of the content creators individually and get an idea of who are the best ones for your brand. Get to know their average engagement rate as well as the one from the publication for your brand. Spot the ones with the best results to make them ambassadors!

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Competitive benchmarking

Determine your position in contrast with similar companies. Compare your results with the ones of your competitors and step ahead of them.

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Key support to optimize your influencer marketing.

We are committed to offering you personalized support to ensure the success of each of your collaborations with influencers. Once connected to our influencer platform, you will have access to our customer support if you have any questions, and can be accompanied by one of our Customer Success Managers (optional).


A follow-up adapted to each brand

Depending on your package, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will suggest advice adapted to your brand, both strategic and operational, to help you optimize your influencer campaigns.


Periodic reports on your collaborations

Take advantage of quarterly reviews to measure the performance of your influencer campaigns and identify areas for improvement. This is also an opportunity to plan your next activations and maximize their impact!


A constant support

Our customer support will answer your questions and help you if you encounter difficulties, by email or directly from the platform. You can also consult our Help Center and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


What is Hivency?

Hivency connects brands and microinfluencers so they can collaborate through its matching tool that. Brands can develop their visibility by launching influence marketing campaigns.

Why using an influencer platform is beneficial?

Working with an influencer platform such as Hivency, helps brands find the perfect influencers and/or ambassadors to launch collaborations. Thanks to artificial intelligence, it finds the profiles that match with the brand, product or service.

Which are the best KPIs when analyzing an influencer marketing campaign?

The most common KPIs in influencer marketing are the engagement rate obtained, the reach and the Earned Media Value. But there many more that can be very useful depending on your campaign.

How does the platform work?

You define your criteria for influencers selection and propose a product/service/event to offer. Our matching tool gathers the influencers interested in your product/service/event. You choose the influencers you like the most. You send them your product and in exchange they share it on their social networks.

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