Exhausted from bumping into influencers with fake profiles?

Fame Check

Unfortunately, thousands of influencers are still faking their audiences. This is a problem for brands when launching influencer marketing campaigns. With our Fame Check tool, collaborate with verified and authentic profiles to ensure the best results.

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Which are the benefits of Fame Check?


Work with the right content creators

Ensure the quality of the profiles you work with.


Preserve your brand's reputation

Make sure that the profiles you work with bring value to your brand.


Obtain better results

Achieve your goals and get the best results by collaborating with verified profiles.

Fame Check


Say goodbye to fake followers!

Our Fame Check System will allow you to analyze and verify influencer accounts by checking their metrics before collaborating with them. Forget accounts with purchased followers, comments or likes and collaborate with the best profiles.

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Profile Analysis

Keep out influencers with poor online reputation rates from collaborations. Check the quality of the profiles by analyzing their engagement rate and the citation and trust-flows in the case of bloggers.

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Audience Analysis

Analyze the audience of the content creators before accepting them in your campaigns. Make sure they do not have fake followers and that they meet your needs.

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A key partner to optimize your influencer marketing.

You will never be alone. It’s vital for us to offer you the best guidance possible so you can meet your objectives and guarantee the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. Each brand that trusts us is supported daily by an Influence Campaign Manager and a Customer Success Manager. 


A follow-up completely adapted to each brand

Your Customer Success Manager and Influence Campaign Manager will give you personalized advice and pertinent steps to adopt for your campaign. The Customer Success Manager will accompany you for the strategic aspect and the Influence Campaign Manager for the operational side of your campaign. 


Recurring assessments on your collaborations with influencers

Every trimester and according to your reporting, different assessments will be carried out to measure the performance of the campaigns and verify the axis of improvement. This is the ideal occasion to make a point of the next steps to take. 


Added value to your influencer marketing campaigns

Rather more than just a professional relationship, it’s a unique bond that you will create with your Customer Success Manager and Influence Campaign Manager. They will be by your side to provide their expertise and keep you up to date with the latest trends in the sector. 



Why is Fame Check important?

Hivency has developed Fame Check to check the profiles of influencers. It is esencial to see if they have been buying likes, followers or comments. If so, they will not be proposed for your campaign.

How can you analyze the content creators' profiles?

The influencers that are part of Hivency connect their social networks. This gives us access to their metrics and thanks to the Fame Check system we have developed we can provide you with in-depth analysis of their profiles.

What do you mean by fake profiles?

An influencer has a fake profile when he has purchased followers. These followers are robots that do not interact with the inlfuencer profile, hence they do not engage with the content the content creator posts and with the campaigns he promotes.

What is an influencer platform?

An influencer platform is a tool that through artificial intelligence and machine learning helps brands find the content creators that match with them to launch collaborations.

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