Tired of spending hours looking at thousands of profiles and end-up not finding the ones that match with your brand?

External Search

When you carry out an influencer campaign, looking for the right profiles can become the most time-consuming task of the process. With our External Search feature, you will be able to find the profiles that meet your criteria among all the social networks.

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How can the External Search help you discovering influencers?


Unlimited influencers

Access an (almost) unlimited number of profiles (microinfluencers, nanoinfluencers and consumers) to collaborate with through Hivency.


Time saver

Find the profiles you need within minutes in an easy and simple way.


Verified influencers

Make sure that the influencer's profile match with your needs by analyzing them before inviting them to collaborate with you.

External Search


Conduct an in-depth search

Look among thousands of profiles across different social networks (Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Blog...) and filter them according to your needs:

- Choose the follower size range: Determine the size of the influencer profile you want to find.

- Search by hashtag to filter by keyword: Look for a specific set of keywords, traits or hashtags to segment profiles and find the ideal ones for your brand.

- Select geographic criteria: State the location you want the influencers to belong too (country, region, city)

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Matching, list creation, and analysis

See all the influencers that match the criteria you selected. Create or import lists, and use filters to obtain analytics on profiles.

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Do you see profiles that you like?

Perfect, click the button and invite them to collaborate with you. Start launching successful campaigns with them and invite them to be your brand's ambassadors.

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A key partner to optimize your influencer marketing.

You will never be alone. It’s vital for us to offer you the best guidance possible so you can meet your objectives and guarantee the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. Each brand that trusts us is supported daily by an Influence Campaign Manager and a Customer Success Manager. 


A follow-up completely adapted to each brand

Your Customer Success Manager and Influence Campaign Manager will give you personalized advice and pertinent steps to adopt for your campaign. The Customer Success Manager will accompany you for the strategic aspect and the Influence Campaign Manager for the operational side of your campaign. 


Recurring assessments on your collaborations with influencers

Every trimester and according to your reporting, different assessments will be carried out to measure the performance of the campaigns and verify the axis of improvement. This is the ideal occasion to make a point of the next steps to take. 


Added value to your influencer marketing campaigns

Rather more than just a professional relationship, it’s a unique bond that you will create with your Customer Success Manager and Influence Campaign Manager. They will be by your side to provide their expertise and keep you up to date with the latest trends in the sector. 


In which social networks can I find influencers with Hivency?

With our platform, look for influencers among Instagram, YouTube, Blog, Pinterest and TikTok and find the ones that correspond with your brand.

How can I contact the influencers?

Once you have selected the profiles you want to work with, our platform automatically notifies the. Let us take care of the shipping of the product and wait to see the publications. If you want to talk with the content creators, use our Chat and start a conversation with them.

Is there a limited amount of profiles per day?

No, with Hivency, you can look for influencers with no limits.

How can I launch an influence marketing campaign?

Select the criteria you want the profiles of influencers to have. Let us propose you the ones that better fit with your brand, choose your favourite ones and start working the content creators.

Let's get started.

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