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All the influencers, from all the social networks, at your fingertips? Our External Search feature allows you to find profiles that match your expectations and criteria in a few clicks.

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Find influencers quickly, easily


Unlimited number of influencers

Access an (almost) unlimited number of micro-influencer, nano-influencer and consumer profiles to collaborate with. 


Proven time-saving

Search and find the influencer profiles you need in a few minutes with our intuitive and efficient feature.


Guarantee of quality

Choose only the influencers who match your expectations thanks to a fine and precise analysis of their profiles.

External Search

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Search for influencers

With External Search, you have access to thousands of influencer profiles on different social networks (Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest, Blog, TikTok...), which you can then filter according to your needs:


- Choose your influencers based on their number of followers, the size of their community;

- Filter by hashtag and keyword and select a specific set of characteristics to segment the profiles; 

- Determine the geographic area (country, region, city) you are interested in.

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Create and refine your lists of influencers

Our External Search feature then presents you with only the profiles of influencers that match your criteria and needs. You can then create or import lists of influencers, and use numerous filters to get a more detailed analysis of their profiles. 

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Select the profiles best suited for you

You have found your one-in-a-million profiles ? Great, now all you have to do is click to invite him or her to collaborate with you. Launch your influencer marketing campaigns in just a few clicks, and turn these ambassadors into true ambassadors of your brand!

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Key support to optimize your influencer marketing.

We are committed to offering you personalized support to ensure the success of each of your collaborations with influencers. Once connected to our influencer platform, you will have access to our customer support if you have any questions, and can be accompanied by one of our Customer Success Managers (optional).


A follow-up adapted to each brand

Depending on your package, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will suggest advice adapted to your brand, both strategic and operational, to help you optimize your influencer campaigns.


Periodic reports on your collaborations

Take advantage of quarterly reviews to measure the performance of your influencer campaigns and identify areas for improvement. This is also an opportunity to plan your next activations and maximize their impact!


A constant support

Our customer support will answer your questions and help you if you encounter difficulties, by email or directly from the platform. You can also consult our Help Center and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.


In which social networks can I find influencers with Hivency?

With our platform, look for influencers among Instagram, YouTube, Blog, Pinterest and TikTok and find the ones that correspond with your brand.

How can I contact the influencers?

Once you have selected the profiles you want to work with, our platform automatically notifies the. Let us take care of the shipping of the product and wait to see the publications. If you want to talk with the content creators, use our Chat and start a conversation with them.

Is there a limited amount of profiles per day?

No, with Hivency, you can look for influencers with no limits.

How can I launch an influence marketing campaign?

Select the criteria you want the profiles of influencers to have. Let us propose you the ones that better fit with your brand, choose your favourite ones and start working the content creators.

Let's get started.

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