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Your brand's expertise combined with the one of influencers and ambassadors in a single tool. Launch collaborations and influencer marketing campaigns that are impactful and authentic.

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Smart Matching

Thanks to our Smart Matching tool, receive automatic proposals of influencer or ambassador profiles as soon as your campaign is created. You will see profiles that are part of our platform and that correspond to the universe and values of your brand.

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External Search

Find the profiles you need in a few minutes, simply and easily with the external search.

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Image Bank

With Hivency, track all the content generated by your influencers and ambassadors. Download the most powerful content and use it across all your digital marketing channels.

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Fame Check

Verified notoriety for qualitative campaigns. The online notoriety of the influencer is always checked before selection. No chance to collaborate with an influencer who has bought subscribers or has a false account. Its subscribers, views, engagement rate, and the quality of its audience are also analyzed.

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Gather all the information and analyze the results of your influence marketing campaigns. Our tool directly integrated into our influence platform allows you to analyze your campaign in real-time.

All the functionalities within a single platform

How does our influencer platform work?

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Campaign creation

With the help of our experts, you will think about the best strategy and the key objective of your campaign. This will also be the time to think about the actions to be implemented during this campaign. (example: a giveaway).

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Matching with micro-influencers

Our influence solution allows you to get in touch with influencers thanks to a matching system that uses machine learning and the characteristics of the influencers' profile to generate matches. This same system allows you to access metrics that reveal the composition of influencer profiles (engagement rate, audience, presence of fictitious profiles)

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Selection of the content creators for your campaign on the platform

Once you have identified the influencers that best match your brand, it's time to create your brief and collaborate with them.

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Product delivery

At Hivency, we take care of everything! Thanks to our logistics system, we help you deliver the products to the content creator.

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Content creators' publications and download of your UGC

One of the advantages of micro-influence marketing is that influencers will create original and authentic content on social networks. You will be able to reuse their publications for your own communication channels.

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Analyze your data

Once the campaign has been launched, you need to monitor the results as you go along. Then it will be necessary to analyze the final results.

A key partner to optimize your influencer marketing.

You will never be alone. It’s vital for us to offer you the best guidance possible so you can meet your objectives and guarantee the success of your influencer marketing campaigns. Each brand that trusts us is supported daily by an Influence Campaign Manager and a Customer Success Manager. 


A follow-up completely adapted to each brand

Your Customer Success Manager and Influence Campaign Manager will give you personalized advice and pertinent steps to adopt for your campaign. The Customer Success Manager will accompany you for the strategic aspect and the Influence Campaign Manager for the operational side of your campaign. 


Recurring assessments on your collaborations with influencers

Every trimester and according to your reporting, different assessments will be carried out to measure the performance of the campaigns and verify the axis of improvement. This is the ideal occasion to make a point of the next steps to take. 


Added value to your influencer marketing campaigns

Rather more than just a professional relationship, it’s a unique bond that you will create with your Customer Success Manager and Influence Campaign Manager. They will be by your side to provide their expertise and keep you up to date with the latest trends in the sector. 


A simple and efficient tool to manage influence campaigns

The platform is very easy to use and very complete. It allows you to create campaigns and identify influencers, to manage the campaign and the publication of content. It's simple and very effective!


Very intuitive micro-influence platform

Using Hivency is a considerable time and efficiency saver. We would not be able to do as many micro-influence campaigns without it. It is perfect to work on notoriety challenges. The follow-up by the Hivency teams is also a big plus!


Very good micro influence platforme

With a fixed-cost subscription, Hivency allows us to "industrialise" our campaigns and gives us great flexibility in managing their launch according to our peaks. It also allows us to work with a large number of influencers and to be able to identify and select the most effective influencers over the long term, thus creating a win-win "partnership". 


A super platform!

A quality team and support! The platform is very intuitive and we've run great campaigns together. Hivency allows us to highlight some of our artists' projects via influencers who their community to discover and rediscover them.


Micro-influencer platform with a simple and intuitive handling!

I particularly appreciate the practicality of the platform, which allows me to access different information very quickly: current campaigns, selection of influencers, statistics, etc. It's a real time-saver. There is also a desire to constantly improve the use of the platform by updating certain functions, which is very much appreciated. The team is always available in case of questions to help us create great campaigns.

They have launched marketing campaigns within Hivency and they talk about us.

Sheily Lemon
Les Prés Rient Bio

Sheily Lemon

Digital & Influence Manager

Pauline Fourrée

Pauline Fourrée

Social Marketing Manager

Sylvain Tia-Tiong-Fat
La Française des Jeux

Sylvain Tia-Tiong-Fat

Community & Influence Manager

Nadège Boulay
Warner Music France

Nadège Boulay

Media & Influence Project Manager

Julie Guzman

Julie Guzman

Chef de produits développement, marketing opérationnel et réseaux sociaux

Do you have questions? We probably have the answer

What is Hivency?

Hivency connects brands and micro-influencers so that they can collaborate through its matching tool. Brands can increase their visibility by launching influencer marketing campaigns.

Why using a platform of influencers is beneficial?

Working with an influence platform such as Hivency, helps brands find the perfect influencers and/or ambassadors to set up partnerships. Using artificial intelligence, it finds the profiles that match the brand, products or services. Some platforms of influence, such as Hivency, offer tailor-made support. Our experts provide personalised advice on the strategic and operational aspects of your campaigns.

Which is the difference between an influence platform and a digital agency?

A platform of influence and a digital agency offer services that are both different and complementary. Using a digital agency allows you to delegate your entire marketing strategy and focus on your core business. Influencer platforms are management, optimisation and analysis tools. They allow you to save precious time thanks to the power of machine leraning and the automation of a large number of tasks. An influence platform provides you with the information and logistical support you need so that you can focus on essential aspects of your campaigns (brief, choice of influencers, analysis of results, etc.).

Why working with Hivency saves time?

Being supported by an influence platform allows you to save precious time: expertise, identification of the perfect influencers for your brand, detection of fakes, logistics management... everything is taken care of for you.

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