Get a variety of authentic publications

Creators have a very close and genuine relationship with their community. When talking about your products, they are closely followed by thousands of people

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Different kind of domains and

Their word is authentic and followed with care

They are thousands. They have a wide variety of style, audience and interests. They have a very close relationship with tens of thousands of people.

  • Deco
  • Food
  • Sport
  • Beauty
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Children
  • Lifestyle
  • Luxury

They carry a
powerful and authentic message

Their publications anchor your products in the concrete, in everyday life

They carry a very powerful and targeted message. Collaborating with them is extremely beneficial for your brand. By finding the right creators you can accurately touch the audiences you want to reach.

Micro-influence is a jungle

Our mission is to enable you to find your way and carry out effective campaigns

To succeed, you need to find the right creators who have a real impact and simultaneously collaborate with many of them.

Our solution is designed to make your campaigns perform. Media value, commitment rate, ROI ... We bring you all the necessary data to choose the right creators and evaluate the performance of your campaigns.

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Hive-School : the school of influence marketing

Our expertise at the service of your web influence strategy

Hive-School - Hivency

Come and meet us in our premises in the heart of Paris for a moment of live exchange with CEOs, marketing directors and project managers ...

In a privileged and convivial setting around a cocktail party, our experts and our best creators will share their experience so that your strategy of web influence is a success. You will have no excuse!

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