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Lifestyle influencers enable brands to reach a wide audience, as they are on the lookout for all the latest innovations and can collaborate in several areas of activity. Fashion, beauty, environment, travel... they are on all fronts and generalists!

The quality of their content and their expertise in influencer marketing are highly appreciated by brands, who are increasingly contacting them for their opinions and to communicate with their community.

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Creation of UGC (User Generated Content)

Whether they are macro, nano or micro-influencers, if we were to describe lifestyle influencers in three words, we would definitely say: authentic, real and trusted.
With them, and thanks to their expertise in influencer marketing, brands will be able to generate more engagement on social networks, particularly through quality publications.
This content can be used by the brands as part of their other advertising campaigns or on their communication media.

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Brand launch

To launch a brand, get people talking about it and then maintain its e-reputation, influencer marketing proves to be one of the most powerful and rapid levers, especially when collaborating with micro-influencers and lifestyle ambassadors.

Collaborating with them will enable you to reach the consumers you are looking for, to be visible on several communication channels (social networks, blogs, videos, etc.), but also to obtain original content, to create a close relationship with consumers or to obtain a very good return on investment.

Everything you need for a successful launch!


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Co-creation is the way to go in influencer marketing and more and more brands are partnering with lifestyle influencers to offer products adapted to their communities.

Photoshoots, capsule collections, or even participation in brainstorming sessions, there are many possibilities for running campaigns. Thus, content creators can build loyalty and thank their followers. The brands, on their side, can reach a new audience while benefiting from the creators' notoriety.

Collaborate with lifestyle influencers

With their expertise in influencer marketing and their perfect knowledge of their followers, lifestyle influencers are the ideal ambassadors for your brand. They interact every day with their community and give them recommendations. 

What lifestyle influencers love particularly is being able to exclusively test out new products and/or services to then be able to share their experience on social media. 

There are numerous brands that collaborate with this type of influencers and mainly with micro-influencers, as they're more authentic and provide details of their experience. 

Your brand and Hivency


Your audience's favorite lifestyle influencers

More than 130k micro and nano-influencers are present in our platform, and thousands of them collaborate with lifestyle brands such as yours. With our tools, you'll be able to identify them quickly and easily, and then launch campaigns to meet your objectives. 


A step ahead of your competition

In a field increasingly more saturated and competitive, lifestyle influencers will allow you to stand out and benefit from quality UGC.With the Hivency influencer platform, you will also benefit from personalised support from two of our experts. With them, you will be able to optimise your influencer marketing strategy and achieve a good ROI.


Save time and money

With Hivency, you will save time and increase your collaboration with lifestyle influencers thanks to the learning machine and the automation of multiple tasks. In addition to logistical support, you will benefit from centralised reporting to obtain real-time results and analyse the success of your campaigns.

Our features


Smart Matching

Thanks to Hivency's Smart Matching, you will only collaborate with exclusive qualitative lifestyle profiles. Our filtering technology will enable you to identify the existence of false followers. This means that you will only have to work with reliable influencers who have already worked with our platform.

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Image Bank

With Hivency's image bank, get the image rights to the content of the influencers who have collaborated with your brand. A unique opportunity to stand out and take advantage of UGC for your own social networks and communication media.



Forget the calculations, don't spend your time knowing the results, just look at them and quickly analyse your performance to optimise your strategy.


A simple and efficient tool to monitor influence campaigns

The platform is very easy to use and very complete. It allows to create campaigns, identify influencers, monitor the campaign and check the publication of content.It's simple and effective!


Very intuitive micro-influence platform

Using Hivency represents a significant gain in time and efficiency. We could never do as many influence campaigns without it. It's the solution to the ever-growing issue of notoriety. The support of the Hivency team is an extremely positive point!



Excellent micro-influence platform

With a fixed-price subscription, Hivency has allowed an "industrialisation" of our campaigns and great flexibility in managing launches according to our strongest periods. This also allows us to work with many influencers and to be able to spot and select in the long run the most effective influencers to create a "win-win" partnership.


A super platform!

A quality team and quality accompaniment! The platform is very intuitive and we've launched great campaigns together. Hivency allows us to showcase certain of our artist's projects via influencers that share it with their community. 


Happy clients= :cœur_violet:

Our clients can tell you better than we ever could.

Discover what they have to say about our influence platform.

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Why use lifestyle micro-influencers instead of macro-influencers?

Lifestyle micro-influencers can be suitable for all types of brands. Their strength lies in their number, because a brand can work with several micro-influencers for the same budget as it can work with one or even two macro-influencers. In addition, they are highly appreciated by Internet users for their sincerity and authenticity on social networks. They interact daily with each other.

What are the advantages of lifestyle micro and nano-influencers?

The micro-influencers have between 5,000 and 100,000 followers and are appreciated by Internet users on social networks for their authenticity and transparency.

The nano's have less than 5,000 followers. Collaborating with these two types of content creators will allow a brand to benefit from a large and well-targeted audience, but also to benefit from UGC (user generated content) to be reused while testing its products at a lower cost.

Which brands can collaborate with lifestyle influencers?

All brands can identify this type of influencer in order to increase their visibility or generate sales. The advantage is that they are very generalists on social networks. They recommend products and/or services from all walks of life, depending on their community. It is also not uncommon today, for example, for sports brands to use lifestyle influencers to reach a new audience.


How do I measure the performance of my campaigns?

There are dozens of KPIs to measure the performance of its campaigns throughout. These include: Reach, Commitment Rate, Earned Media Value... Depending on its strategic objectives, some will be more relevant than others and it will also be necessary to check the engagement rate of content creators with whom to collaborate.

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