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Fashion brands are among the first to have worked with influencers to build awareness and boost sales. Some have used influencer marketing to attract new, usually younger audiences or to attract new visitors to their stores (Drive-to-Store action).

Far from traditional communication campaigns, influencer marketing allows fashion brands to benefit from the notoriety of fashion influencers.

The key to success: The close relationship between influencers and their community on social networks (e.g. Instagram). 

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A differentiation strategy

Fashion brands must deploy all they've got to win over influencers and their followers. Ambassador programs, unique content, consumer advocacy programs, etc. Micro-influencer marketing offers brands many opportunities to get creative and stand out from the competition.

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The ROI approach

The majority of marketers expects a high return on investment of their influencer marketing campaigns. Therefore, the performance of their fashion influencer collaborations need to be measured and monitored at all times. An influencer platform quantifies results and measures performance in an automated way. 

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Brand Ambassadors

Turning your micro-influencers into brand ambassadors will help generate more social network visibility for your products - and your brand - among Internet users. You will make consumers want your products, capture their attention, and then allow them to remember and attribute it to your brand.

Collaborate with fashion influencers

As pioneers in influencer marketing, fashion brands were the first to use this strategy to promote their apparel and accessories.

Today, influencer marketing is at the core of their communication strategy. However, finding the best influencers remains a major challenge for brands. 

To meet a variety of objectives, many brands in the fashion sector collaborate with several types of influencers: lifestyle micro and nano-influencers to carry localized messages, fashion macro influencers and celebrities to increase visibility on social networks.

Your brand and Hivency


The most relevant fashion influencers

We rely on artificial intelligence to analyze a very large number of profiles and the quality of their audience. More than 130k micro and nano-influencers are registered on our influencer platform. We automatically and accurately identify credible influencers and rule out cheaters.


One step ahead from your competitors

In a sector as competitive as fashion, it's up to brands to win over the hearts of influencers and their audiences. Tools such as Hivency are of invaluable help to you as we offer each brand a personalized support with quarterly reviews. Our experts also help you develop your campaigns with content creators by providing advice and ideas for powerful collaborations.


Save time and money

With Hivency, you'll save time while collaborating with more fashion influencers at once thanks to machine learning and the automation of multiple tasks. We also provide you with exclusive information and logistical support so you can focus on the essential aspects of your campaigns. Collaborate with several micro influencers each month for the same cost as one or two macro influencers.

Our functionalities


Smart Matching

Thanks to Hivency's Smart Matching, select the profiles that match your brand 100%. As soon as your campaign is created, our tool will recommend profiles of fashion influencers on our platform with the perfect brand-fit. 



The main performance indicators are automated on our tool and allow you to measure your campaigns' success. In addition, the individual performance of content creators can be assessed. No more calculations! Never guess your results anymore, just look at them.

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Image Bank

Your collaborations also make it possible to generate quality content. With Hivency you can keep your influencers' and ambassadors' content organized and purchase the best content to re-use across your marketing channels.


A simple and efficient tool to manage influence campaigns

The platform is very easy to use and very complete. It allows you to create campaigns and identify influencers, to manage the campaign and the publication of content. It's simple and very effective!


Very intuitive micro-influence platform

Using Hivency is a considerable time and efficiency saver. We would not be able to do as many micro-influence campaigns without it. It is perfect to work on notoriety challenges. The follow-up by the Hivency teams is also a big plus!


Very good micro influence platforme

With a fixed-cost subscription, Hivency allows us to "industrialise" our campaigns and gives us great flexibility in managing their launch according to our peaks. It also allows us to work with a large number of influencers and to be able to identify and select the most effective influencers over the long term, thus creating a win-win "partnership". 


A super platform!

A quality team and support! The platform is very intuitive and we've run great campaigns together. Hivency allows us to highlight some of our artists' projects via influencers who their community to discover and rediscover them.


Micro-influencer platform with a simple and intuitive handling!

I particularly appreciate the practicality of the platform, which allows me to access different information very quickly: current campaigns, selection of influencers, statistics, etc. It's a real time-saver. There is also a desire to constantly improve the use of the platform by updating certain functions, which is very much appreciated. The team is always available in case of questions to help us create great campaigns.

Happy Clients = :cœur_violet:

Who could talk about it better than our own customers? Discover what they say about our influencer platform.

Sheily Lemon
Les Prés Rient Bio

Sheily Lemon

Digital & Influence Manager

Pauline Fourrée

Pauline Fourrée

Social Marketing Manager

Sylvain Tia-Tiong-Fat
La Française des Jeux

Sylvain Tia-Tiong-Fat

Community & Influence Manager

Nadège Boulay
Warner Music France

Nadège Boulay

Media & Influence Project Manager

Julie Guzman

Julie Guzman

Chef de produits développement, marketing opérationnel et réseaux sociaux

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What are the key figures for the fashion and influencer marketing sector?

- As of September 30, 2020, the hashtag #Fashion has been used on more than 862 million publications on Instagram.

- In California, 45% of Instagram users follow fashion brands for inspiration and to keep up to date with the latest trends.

Source : Métricool

Are micro-influencers only suitable for the fashion sector?

If  influencer campaigns work for the beauty, fashion and food sector, it's a promising strategy for all kind of brands. Throughout sectors, influencers are happy to talk about innovative and interesting products to their community.

How do I measure the performance of my campaigns?

There are dozens of KPIs to measure the performance of influencer marketing campaigns. Among others: Reach, Engagement Rate, Earned Media Value... Depending on your strategic objectives, some will be more relevant than others. Besides, it's important to check the engagement rate of content creators with whom you collaborate. 

What's the difference between UGC and CGC ? How to use it?

CGC (Consumer Generated Content) is digital content generated by a brand's customers. UGC refers to content that is generated by influencers during an influencer marketing campaign. For fashion brands, it can be interesting to reuse such content for their own communication channels. 

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