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Cookie policy

Cookies Management Policy

What is a cookie?

🍪 A cookie is a set of information contained in a file deposited on your terminal (computer, mobile) which is read by the publisher of the website or mobile application, and/or by its partners, on the occasion of your visit or connection to our websites or mobile applications: this makes it possible to memorize certain data, which are not in themselves personal data. Some cookies contain a unique identification number.

What are cookies used for on Hivency?

The cookies used by Hivency have four distinct functions: they are (1) necessary for the operation of the site or mobile application (including through the use of a social network), or (2) allow for statistical analysis of the audience, or (3) measure advertising performance, or (4) allow for personalized interaction with our users.

1/ The cookies are necessary for the functioning of the site or the mobile application do not require your consent, because they are essential: these cookies are necessary for your authentication, to define the language in which we broadcast our contents, to manage the technical functioning of our sites and mobile applications.

These are the cookies :

2/ Social network cookies are necessary for the operation of the Hivency service for influencers because influencer registration requires the use of a social network (Instagram, or Pinterest, Youtube or a blog).

These are the cookies:

3/ Cookies that allow us to perform statistical analysis, in order to understand your use of our sites and services and to improve them.

These are the cookies :

4/ Cookies allowing us to measure the effectiveness of our advertising

These are the cookies (only on the websites):

5/ Cookies personalize our service, to offer you the possibility to contact us by chat, or to offer interactive guides to brands

These are the cookies (only on websites):


What information do we access?

We access the :

  • Type of device you are using (Android, Apple, etc.),
  • Type of operating system (Microsoft Windows, Linux, Android, iOS..),
  • Type of web browser software (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.),
  • Dates and times of connection to our services,
  • Address of the web page you came from before visiting our site
  • Browsing data on our services
  • Number of followers of the social network of influencers


How long do cookies last?

⌛️The cookie has a limited validity period of 13 months maximum, but some cookies have a shorter life span.

When you accept the installation and reading of cookies on your terminal, you therefore accept it for a maximum of 13 months.

On the other hand, when you refuse all cookies, we may ask for your consent again after a period of 6 months.

Finally, if you continue to visit our sites and mobile applications without accepting, we may ask for your consent the next time you visit our sites and mobile applications.

In all cases, you have the option to revoke your consent by visiting the "Manage Consent" link available at the bottom of each page of the site or in the "Settings" tab of your profile on our mobile application.


Are there other tracers than cookies?

✅ Yes, we insert pixels, very small images, in the emails we send you in order to determine whether you have opened them, and if so, whether you have interacted with their content (clicking on a link for example).


Are there any transfers outside the European Union?

✅ Yes, some of our service providers supplying cookies are established outside the European Union in a country not recognized by the European Union as providing an adequate level of protection.

In this case, these providers are subject to contractual clauses established by the European Commission, or to Binding Corporate Rules and take, where appropriate, additional data protection measures in order to comply with the European Essential Data Protection Guarantees.

The service providers and their additional measures are listed below: