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Our history

Dorian sylvain In a world where social networks are evolving and taking up more and more space in our lives, Hivency’s co-founders, Dorian and Sylvain, have experienced all these changes from within.
Dorian, the adventurer, follows the footsteps of his favourite sport and travel youtubers, who inspired him in his everyday life and who have encouraged him to visit over thirty countries.
Sylvain, the most digitally connected one, knows social media by heart. Not a day goes by without him feeding its oh-so-many social networks from Snapchat to Twitter as well as Instagram.
From the day they met at the business school these two became inseparable and a beautiful friendship was born…
This is how the building of the Hive began…
Their wish was to ease exchanges and collaborations between brands and influencers. Drawing on their experience that each of us is influential on his or her scale, they wanted to show that it was possible to change the codes of communication.

Our wacky ideas

Spread the word and we'll give you a hug !

At Hivency, we have too much love to give to our little bees. We send kisses to anyone who talks about us ... and sometimes we even send them by mail!

The bee and the monkey sometimes also deliver parcels!

It is said that days of full moon, Dorian Iconmonkey and Sylvain Iconbee turn into emojis to deliver presents to influencers of Hivency ...
Myth or reality? We let you make your own mind up by watching this video:

The hive in the press

We sometimes create a b(u)zzzzz To learn more about our business, our team and our vision, check out our press releases.

The team of Hivency is well supported to make its honey. We are fortunate to be accompanied and supported by the best in todays startups world. Classy, right?!

Working in our hive

Our mascot

Follow the adventures of Fly, our mascot. We will soon welcome an adorable little turtle in our hive. Yes some may say "Eww ... A turtle in a hive?" but, yes it is possible! Follow us on Snapchat @hivency to discover the rest of the story.
Little hint: our turtle does not swim but is stronger than a ninja turtle.


Our breakfasts and cocktails party

We enjoy Monday mornings in the Hive very much as Sylvain Iconbee always brings us the best pastries from his neighborhood. Once a month we also organise the Hi Family! cocktail party. Our entire community is invited to come along and meet us in our Parisian offices. On the menu: food, drinks and above all extraordinary encounters.


Do you want to join us?

We are always looking for new bees to expand our hive. We want unique, unusual and exceptional bees. So if :
- You are ambitious.
- You want to become the best in your field.
- You want to revolutionise the world.
Hivency is THE place to be.