Who are we ?

Our story

It all started with an encounter and a passion for social networks

The Hivency team

In a world where social networks are evolving and becoming more and more important in our daily lives, the co-founders of Hivency, Dorian and Sylvain, have experienced all these changes from within.

Dorian the adventurer, follows in the footsteps of his sport / travel youtubeurs, who inspire him daily and who have led him to visit more than thirty countries. Sylvain, the most connected knows all social networks by heart. Not a day goes by without feeding his many accounts, from Snapchat to Twitter via Instagram. During their encounter in business school, the connection was made naturally, a beautiful friendship was born and the construction of the Hive began. Their desire was to facilitate exchanges and collaborations between brands and creators. Convinced by their experience that each person is influential on its own scale, they wanted to show that it is possible to change the codes of communication.

Hivency celebrates 2 years !

Our wacky ideas

Talk about us and you'll have a kiss !

At Hivency, we are overflowing with love for our little bees. We make kisses to each person who talks about us ... and sometimes we even send them by post !

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The Hivency team

  • Dorian Ciavarella
    Dorian Ciavarella
  • Sylvain Gasc
    Sylvain Gasc
  • Shardene Mbenoun
    Shardene Mbenoun
    Head of Account Management
  • Margaux Griessmann
    Margaux Griessmann
    Account Manager
  • Mélanie Dhaleine
    Mélanie Dhaleine
    Account Manager
  • Anta Diaw
    Anta Diaw
    Account Manager
  • Sarah Merimeche
    Sarah Merimeche
    Assistante account manager
  • Juliette Denis
    Juliette Denis
    Assistante chargée de projet Jeells
  • Emma Corroyer
    Emma Corroyer
    Community manager/ Chef de projet digital
  • Odessa Marquet
    Odessa Marquet
    UX Designer
  • Vincent Deloffre
    Vincent Deloffre
    Head of Sales
  • Guillaume Laurent
    Guillaume Laurent
    Business Developer France
  • Sinem Dogan
    Sinem Dogan
    Business Developer France
  • Kim Becquet
    Kim Becquet
    Sales Development Representative France
  • Walid Benaissa
    Walid Benaissa
    Sales Development Representative France
  • Baptiste Delumeau
    Baptiste Delumeau
    Sales Development Representative France
  • Jordan Jimenez
    Jordan Jimenez
    Sales Development Representative France
  • Yannic Mazeaud
    Yannic Mazeaud
    Business Developer Germany
  • José Tejero
    José Tejero
    Business Developer Espagne
  • Beatriz Fortes Lopes
    Beatriz Fortes Lopes
    Assistante Marketing Espagne
  • Philippa von dem Bongart
    Philippa von dem Bongart
    Business Development Manager Junior
  • Xiangqin Jiang
    Xiangqin Jiang
    Business Development Manager Junior
  • Corentin Geoffray
    Corentin Geoffray
  • Jonathan Zimpfer
    Jonathan Zimpfer
    Lead Developer
  • Louis Lecocq
    Louis Lecocq
    Front-end developer
  • Anne Fougère
    Anne Fougère
    Front-end developer
  • Pierrick Gallois-lacroix
    Pierrick Gallois-lacroix
    Back-end developer
  • Camille Sellier
    Camille Sellier
    Back-end developer
  • Oren Carta-Lag
    Oren Carta-Lag
    Back-end developer
  • Nicolas Besson
    Nicolas Besson
    Product Owner
  • Julie Tournemeule
    Julie Tournemeule
    Office Manager