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Hivency is an all-in-one solution that brings together influencers, consumers and brands around authentic consumer experiences.
Generate brand awareness, UGCs, insights and conversions through influencer marketing and consumer reviews.

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The platform that brings together consumers and brands around authentic opinions

Promote the discovery of your products and increase your brand awareness thanks to the authenticity of the micro-influencers, brand ambassadors and consumer reviews. With Hivency, build a strong brand image while creating an engaged community, and accelerate by 10 the process of collaboration with influencers!

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Key support to optimize your influencer marketing

We are committed to offering you personalized support to ensure the success of each of your collaborations with influencers. Once connected to our influencer platform, you will have access to our customer support if you have any questions, and can be accompanied by one of our Customer Success Managers (optional).


A personalized follow-up for each brand

Depending on your package, a dedicated Customer Success Manager will suggest advice adapted to your brand, both strategic and operational, to help you optimize your influencer campaigns.


Periodic reports on your collaborations

Take advantage of quarterly reviews to measure the performance of your influencer campaigns and identify areas for improvement. This is also an opportunity to plan your next activations and maximize their impact!


A constant support

Our customer support will answer your questions and help you if you encounter difficulties, by email or directly from the platform. You can also consult our Help Center and find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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By launching influencer marketing and consumer reviews, the brands we work with have increased their visibility, collected quality UGCs and created a lasting bond with their ambassadors.

Well-defined objectives achieved through a single influencer platform, while generating authentic content and genuine consumer reviews.
What if you were the next brand to believe in us and launch your influencer marketing campaigns?

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Focus on micro-influence for maximum results


True ambassadors

Real, authentic and reliable, micro-influencers are now an essential part of a brand's influencer marketing strategy. Bet on their engaged consumers to gain notoriety!


Customized endowments

80% of influencers with 5-10k followers and 63% of those with 10-50k followers are almost exclusively rewarded with products. On the other hand, 67% of influencers with 50-100k subscribers and 84% of those with more than 100k subscribers get paid. (Source: Hivency)


A boosted engagement rate

Micro-influencers interact more with their community on a daily basis than macro-influencers. Their engagement rate is therefore higher, and so will the engagement rate of your influencer campaign or your consumer review campaign!

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