Customer Advocate Marketing

 Collaborate with everyday consumers to generate product recommendations, convey trust, and generate UGC. Build consumer communities and ambassador programs that bring your product and brand closer to your target audiences. 

Customer advocates, the new brand ambassadors

Consumers opinions on products is one of the most important factors impacting today’s complex consumer journey. Everyday, consumers rely on customer reviews, opinions, and content to make purchase-related decisions. Hivency enables brands to engage their customer advocates as well as influencers to share their reviews, and strengthen brand trust. 

Hivency’s platform manages the launch of advocacy campaigns aimed at generating reviews for products on Hivency and on third party shopping sites. 


Generate Product Recommendations

Generate UGC

Generate Share of Voice

Drive Purchases

Increase Positive Sentiment

Increase WOM

Collaborate with engaged consumers that are ready to talk about your brand


of consumers are “highly likely” to follow a recommendation made by a micro-influencer or nano-influencer (Expert City)


is the average engagement rate for nano-influencers (Influencer Marketing Hub)


of consumers consult a consumer opinion after seeing a product presented by an influencer (Bazaar Voice)

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