The entire Hivency team is pleased to present its new logo!

Our historical logo:

Old Hivency Logo

Gives way to a new, more modern version, aligned with Hivency’s vision and universe:




A change in overall visual identity

Our new logo

Before presenting our logo in greater detail, it is important to recall the meaning of our name. Hivency is composed of the English word “Hive”, as in a beehive and the suffix “-ency”, which takes up the ending of the word “agency”.

Hivency is the “bee agency”, the bees representing the creators registered on our platform.

Our logo has several readings

The pictorial part of our logo represents a small bee, in reference to our universe. It is directed upwards, to the right, to represent our rapid growth and constant innovation.  The curves are generous and fluid to reflect our dynamism and the proximity we maintain with our entire community, both with our partner brands and content creators.

If you lean your head 90 degrees to the left, you will also see the “heart” shape that was already present in our previous logo. This heart is important to us because it represents both the proximity we work towards with our community, while also recalling the “like” button we find on all social networks.

The second part of our logo consists of the name HIVENCY. The typography used is Nunito (semibold). We have chosen this sans serif typeface for its benevolent, modern and youthful appearance. The letter “e” has been modified to add even more dynamism to the logo and to reflect acceleration and movement.

This simple logo perfectly represents Hivency’s values: benevolence, ambition, performance, and proximity.

Our new website

The objective of our new site is to offer a new interface that is more intuitive, ergonomic and modern, with a “flat design” style. Color variations are more impactful and the tool descriptions are more precise, in order to give brands and content creators as much information as possible about the platform’s functionalities.

We have integrated several resources to help brands to obtain useful information for developing their influencer marketing strategy and for content creators to improve their skills (Our marketing blog, our influencer blog, our white papers, etc.)

To explore our content and our new look, you can simply direct yourself to the same web address which remains unchanged.


Hivency’s history

The start-up Hivency, founded by Dorian Ciavarella and Sylvain Gasc in 2016, has experienced hyper growth in just 3 years, with more than 900 brands and 100,000 micro-influencers registered in 137 countries. By focusing on developing its technological innovation, Hivency has rapidly expanded across Europe, with the objective of becoming a global leader in influencer marketing solutions.

Thanks to its unique matching algorithm, based on machine learning technologies, the Hivency platform allows brands to collaborate with influencers in just a few clicks.

Thanks to the platform, brands may invest in their influencer-brand relationships, build proximity with networks of influential content creators, and launch and analyze data-driven campaigns, offering brands the opportunity to perfect their influencer marketing strategy and to achieve their objectives.

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