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Hivency is an integrated, end-to-end solution that enables brands to discover influencers, manage campaigns, and scale micro influencer marketing strategy.

Discover the creatives that love your brand

Our software solution enables brands to identify the influencers that correspond to brand image and values. Collaborate with creatives that know and love your brand across a variety of social media networks. More collaborations mean greater visibility among target audiences and higher engagement with your brand. 

Launch and track influencer campaigns in one place

The Hivency platform manages the entire process, from the selection of creatives across 6 social networks, to campaign planning and ROI tracking. Our software solution speeds up the collaboration process 10 fold, enabling brands to run more campaigns and with a greater number of influencer collaborations.

One solution for all your influencer marketing needs

Matching System

After your campaign is setup on Hivency, our AI system automatically proposes influencer profiles that correspond to your brand, product, and/or services.


Automatic selection
Multi-phase matching
Approval management

Fame Check

Fame Check analyzes the profile of influencers and their followers. Track follower numbers, engagement rates, demographics, community quality (ID fakes).


Verified profiles
Demographic data
Follower analysis

 Targeted Search

Our search function enables you to find influencers in niche contexts: use keywords or #hashtags and other profile parameters to identify your target.


Search by keyword
ID niche audiences
Easy search filters

Influencer Image Bank

Download images from your influencer collaborations directly from the platform to use across your digital channels. Repurpose unlimited content.


Unlimited content
Digital channels
Quality images

Integrated influencer marketing campaign management

1. Promote 

Interested in having a product or service promoted by influencers? Setup a campaign request and describe your idea to potential creative collaborators.

2. Receive Matches

Through our algorithm, campaign requests are matched to creatives that correspond to the brand. Use deep analytics to analyze profile criteria, and select and approve collaborations.

3. Manage Creators

From collaboration to publication, exchange with creators directly on the platform. Track campaign publications and grade collaborations on performance.

4. Track Performance

The Hivency platform collects all the campaign performance data onto data dashboards. Track ROI, benchmark performance, and much more.

Brands leading micro influencer strategy

Explore our customer stories and discover how today’s leading brands generate greater value from their influencer marketing strategy. Learn how our customers structure their activity, how they engage with creatives, and how they track ROI with the Hivency platform.

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