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Hivency is an all-in-one solution that brings together influencers, consumers and brands around authentic consumer experiences.
Generate brand awareness, UGCs, insights and conversions through influencer marketing and consumer reviews.

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The platform that brings together consumers and brands around authentic opinions

Promote the discovery of your products and increase your brand awareness thanks to the authenticity of the micro-influencers, brand ambassadors and consumer reviews. Build a strong brand image while creating an engaged community.

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Custom support

We are committed to offer you a personalised support to ensure the success of each of your collaborations with influencers. From the very first use of our influence platform for the implementation of your strategy to the final stages of your campaign, you will be supported by two experts: an Influence Campaign Manager and a Customer Success Manager.


A personalized follow-up for each brand

Your Customer Success Manager and Influence Campaign Manager offer you tailored advice and relevant approaches to adopt both strategically and operationally.


Periodic reports on your collaborations

Every quarter reports are drawn up to measure the performance of the campaigns and identify areas for improvement. This is also an opportunity to talk about future activations.


Added value to your influence marketing campaigns

Much more than a professional collaboration, you will create a unique relationship with your own experts. They will be there to guide you, but also to provide you with information on industry trends.

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Thanks to their influencer campaigns, the brands we support have been able to create more value, increase their visibility and create a link with the ambassadors of their brands. Well-defined objectives achieved through a single platform of influence, while generating quality content and sincere consumer opinions. What if you were the next brand to believe in us and launch your influencer marketing campaigns?

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Micro-influencers are the mirror of your consumers. Close to their communities, micro-influencers will allow you to get closer to your target audience.



80% of influencers with between 5-10k subscribers and 63% of those with between 10-50k are rarely paid other than in products. On the other hand, 67% of influencers between 50-100k subscribers and 84% of those over 100k are paid. (Source: Hivency)


Engagement Rate

Micro-influencers interact more on a daily basis with their community than macro-influencers. Their engagement rate is therefore higher. And so will the engagement rate of your influence campaign."

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